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Special Issue "Smart Cities, Smart Homes and Sustainable Built Environment", Smart Cities, MDPI

Dear Colleagues,

In recent decades, the ever-increasing use of electrical appliances has escalated the demand for and consumption of electricity. More fuels are being consumed, and the shrinking of water resources raises the cost of water. All of these points inevitably prompt occupants to adopt sustainable measures in dealing with these issues. For example, politicians advocate and put forward new policies, environmentalists propose viable solutions, and academic researchers explore new methods and strategies for reducing the consumption of water and electricity resources (Li et al. 2016). As most of us spend a substantially long time in indoor environments, smart home facilities have become an indispensable part of smart cities. Li et al. (2016) have suggested that there are three generations of smart home: (1) those based on Bluetooth and Zigbee smart technologies, (2) artificial intelligence smart homes, and (3) smart homes which use robots that can not only stroll around home, but also provide smart solutions and responses to cater for the needs of the residents. In this Special Issue, we would like to explore smart cities, smart homes, and sustainable built environments.

Dr. Rita Yi Man Li
Guest Editor

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